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In those days ----- II

This is the expansion of one verse given in Genesis as seen by one Christian Mystic named Jacob Boheme

So God created man in his  own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen 1:27

God willed to create an angelic army. Thus He created Adam, and he was to generate out of his own body creatures of his own kind; but in the midst of the time there was to be born out of the body of a man the King of all men,(jesus) and He was to take possession of the new kingdom as a ruler over these created beings, in the place of the degenerated and outcast Lucifer.

Man, however, was to surpass the angels (in perfection), for he was to be a complete image of divine glory, while the angels have been created out of only two principles.

The mind of Adam was innocent like that of a child, playing with the wonders of its Father. There was in him no self-knowledge of evil will, no avarice, pride,envy, anger, but a pure enjoyment of love.

The inner man stood in heaven; his essences were the Paradise; his body was indestructible. He knew the language of God and the angels, and the language of nature, as may be seen by Adam giving names to all creatures, to each according to its own essence and quality.

Everything was subject to Adam; his rule extended into heaven and over the earth, and in all elements and stars. This was because divine power was manifested in him.

Before his fall, man could rule over the sun and the stars. Everything was in his power. Fire, air, water, and earth could not tame him; no fire burned him, no water drowned, no air suffocated him; all that lived stood in awe of him.

No heat, no cold, no sickness, nor accident, nor any fear could touch or terrify him. His body could pass through earth and rocks without breaking anything in them; for a man who could be overpowered by the terrestrial nature, or who could be broken to pieces, would not be eternal.

his self-will did not know that which is good, because it had as yet experienced no evil. How could there be any joy where no sorrow is known?

It was within his power to decide, and he was free to do so, because there was in him not only the principle of light, but also the fire-principle,--not only perception, but will

The soul of Adam could have ruled powerfully over the external principle if she had entered again with her will into the heart of God, into the word of the Lord but

Everything attracted Adam and wanted to take possession of him. The heart of God wanted to have him in Paradise and to reside in him, for it said, 'He is my image and likeness.' The kingdom of wrath wanted him, for it said, 'He is mine; for he has issued out of my fountain, out of the eternal mind of the darkness. I will be in him, and he shall live in my power; I will manifest through him strong and great power.' Finally, the kingdom of the world likewise said, 'He is mine, for he bears my image; he lives in me and I in him; he must be obedient to me, for I have all nay members (organs) in him and he has his members in me, and I am greater than he. He shall be my steward, and manifest my power and wonders.'

The soul wanted to know how it would be if the temperature were to become separated--that is to say, divided, as heat and cold, moisture and dryness, hardness and softness, acridity and sweetness, bitterness and that which is sour; she wanted to taste these and the other
qualities all in their separateness, although it had been prohibited to Adam by God

Formerly Adam belonged to the celestial world and to eternity; but now, the image of God having begun to pale in him, he sank into the terrestrial state, and thereby into impotency and sleep.

A reasonable person will easily perceive that there could be no sleep in Adam as long as he was in the image of God, for at that time he was such an image as we shall be in the resurrection of the dead. We shall then not need the elements, neither the sun nor the moon, and also require no sleep; but our eyes will be open to see always and eternally the glory of God.

The image of God does not sleep. In it there is no time. With sleep, time became manifest in man. He fell asleep in the angelic world, and awoke relatively to the external world.

After Adam had been overcome, the place, wherein the beautiful virgin had previously dwelt, became terrestrial, faint, and feeble. The powerful source of the place, wherefrom the virgin had her power, without being subjected to sleep,left Adam and went into its own principle.

The celestial virgin quaralled with Adam to drop his sleep, but because it is not possible for him he flied away from him.

After the lust of the spirit of this world had conquered in Adam, he fell asleep. Then his celestial body became flesh and blood, and his strong power became rigid bones. Then the celestial virgin went into the celestial ether, into the principle of power.

This impotency was to be a means of salvation for Adam, and moreover there was given to him the terrestrial woman in the place of the celestial virgin, who had passed away from him. This was done to save him from arriving at a still greater depth of degradation.

When Adam left God and entered into selfishness, God permitted it to happen that a deep sleep fell upon Adam. If it had not been for that circumstance, he would in his selfishness even have become a devil by the power of the fire.

When the devil saw that lust resided in Adam, he acted still more powerfully upon the nature in Adam, and infected it still stronger. Then it was time that the Creator should build him a wife, who afterwards indeed caused the sin to be acted out, and who ate of the evil fruit. Otherwise, if Adam had eaten of the tree before the woman was made out of him, he would have fared still worse.

Eve was not misshapen, but very lovely; nevertheless she too bore the signs (of corruption), and could not be anything more than a wife of Adam. Both were still in Paradise, and if they had not eaten from the tree, but turned to God by changing their imagination, they would have remained in Paradise.

Adam and Eve had still a paradisiacal consciousness, but it was mixed with terrestrial desire. They were naked, and had animal organs for procreation; but they did not know this, neither were they ashamed of them, for the spirit of the great world had not yet obtained rule over them before they had eaten of the terrestrial fruit.

The celestial virgin who flied away from adam is known as Lilith in scriptures.  She was described as having no milk in her breasts and were unable to bear any children. The Assyrian Lilitu were said to prey upon children and women, and were described as associated with lions, storms, desert, and disease.  They were highly sexually predatory towards men, but were unable to copulate normally. Lilu, an incubus; who would come to men in their sleep and beget children from them; 

And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat  a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: Gen 5:3

Adam is said to be perfect until he recognizes either his sin or Cain's homicide that is the cause of bringing death into the world. He then separates from holy Eve, sleeps alone, and fasts for 130 years. During this time Lilith, also known as Pizna or Naamah, desired his beauty and came to him against his will. She bore him (in abnormal way) many demons and spirits called the plagues of humankind. The added explanation was that it was through Adam's own sin that Lilith overcame him against his will.

In the Zohar, however, Lilith is said to have succeeded in begetting offspring from Adam during their short-lived sexual experience. Lilith leaves Adam in Eden, as she is not a suitable helpmate for him. She returns, later, to force herself upon him. However, before doing so she attaches herself to Cain and bears him numerous spirits and demons.

it is said in Scripture, And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begot a son in own likeness, after his own image, from which it follows that until that time he did not beget after his own image… When he saw that through him death was ordained as punishment he spent a hundred and thirty years in fasting, severed connection with his wife for a hundred and thirty years, and wore clothes of fig on his body for a hundred and thirty years.
The sakthi - celestial virgin and family of siva (Continued --------)

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